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A Specialized RJ Workshop to Conquer Adversity

USD's Center for Restorative Justice is excited to offer:

Living Restoratively
The Seven Practices Workshop

Life stress and personal struggle is at an all-time high! This impactful, online workshop will instill attendees with effective RJ tools to build resilience, growth, and improved self-care behaviors.

Join Josh Bacon, Ph.D. as he leads a deep dive into his book "I Screwed Up! Now What?: 7 Practices to Make Things Right — and Conquer Adversity" as an innovative RJ training workshop over 5 weeks (Oct. 20 - Nov. 17) providing experiential lessons and tools in seven distinct restorative practices.

Living Restoratively — 'I Screwed Up! Now What?' by Josh Bacon

by Josh Bacon Ph.D.

  • Sharing
  • Restorative Mentoring
  • Self Care
  • Positively Changing Self Talk
  • Practices to Motivate Positive Behavior Change
  • Balance the Use of Challenge and Support
  • Restorative Practices to Make Things Right and Conquer Adversity

Over 5 weeks, this RJ training will weave restorative journaling, mentoring, and facilitating circles — and, all participants will receive a FREE copy of Josh's book!

Course Fee: $565

  • OCT 20th      (9am-Noon PST  /  Noon-3pm EST)  
  • OCT 27th      (9-11am PST  /  Noon-2pm EST)  
  • NOV 3th        (9-11am PST  /  Noon-2pm EST)  
  • NOV 10th      (9-11am PST  /  Noon-2pm EST)  
  • NOV 17th      (9-11am PST  /  Noon-2pm EST)  

Open to EVERYONE — whether Restorative Justice is new to you, or you're a seasoned RJ practitioner, you'll discover useful tools and concepts to ease your stress, improve self-care, and conquer adversity.  

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  • Did you KNOW?   Josh Bacon, Ph.D., has taught and been an administrator at James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA, where for 20 years he's been initiating programs in RJ and institutionalizing Restorative practices to the campus’ discipline process.

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